Betrayed by Elizabeth Devine

Betrayed is a novel which moves from the pleasures of the bedroom to the episodic politics of the boardroom. Set in the fictitious community of Lakeland, Taylor Long’s placid family life is interrupted by accusations she murdered two co-workers. Entrapped by circumstance the protagonist has more than enough reasons to want her employer dead, as mounting evidence points in her direction. Thematic throughout this well written novel are numerous events which prevent the main character from moving above the proverbial glass ceiling. Author Elizabeth Devine’s plot twists keep the reader on edge as the story plays out to its surprising conclusion. Betrayed kept me riveted to my chair chapter after chapter. This is one book that should be in your collection as it is in mine. Sold by Amazon, Lulu and Barnes and Noble.betrayed cover

The Devil’s Concubine by Sebati Edward Mafate


The Devil’s Concubine by Sebati Edward Mafate






Dark forces are thematic throughout this well written novel by Sebati Edward Mafate. Protagonist, Raymond Pata, decides to break with his family and move to California. His ultimate goal is to sit atop of the music industry. Influenced by the cultural dynamics of his Haitian origins, including mysticism, he moves through the circles of life until evil overwhelms his entire being. In order to support his dream he connects with a carjacking ring stealing high end vehicles. Living in the shadows of life Raymond becomes exceptionally talented in his second career, auto theft. Entrenched by the powers of darkness Raymond takes to ritualistic killing of those who yielded their vehicles to him. Symbolism is well utilized by this author to foreshadow future occurrences. The Protagonist’s eye for beauty is his final downfall as Hell paradoxically targets him. Author Mafate cleverly weaves a story rich in detail displaying a soul that thrives on carnage and the very blood of other human beings. This page-turner was difficult to put down even for the most human of circumstances. No doubt The Devil’s Concubine will fly off the shelves as readers become aware of it.

cover devils concubibe







Books sitting in cyberspace or on dusty shelves deserve to be seen.


Authors must take the next step in order to garner an audience. Small budgets do not allow most authors expansive advertising venues such as utilized by media giants. Professional book reviews draw out the essence of the work and literally speak to potential buyers. One or two sentence reviews transfer little information and do not draw in an audience. provides the author with an energized book critique and posts it across many internet sites for one low fee. Commentary is unique and balanced providing the reader with a sense of the book without giving away its core. also proofreads books at nominal fees to assure the author the book is ready to be submitted to the publisher. an author’s best friend.


The Delinquent Author

A huge problem for many editors, proofreaders and book reviews is the delinquent author. After a fee schedule is agreed to, with the payment expected at the completion of the work performed, the author decides to play financial charades with you. My Paypal account is corrupted in some manner or form. Another approach is they do not return your e-mails once you indicate the work is completed hoping you will further reduce your fees. Still another format is I will pay you if the book sells. These and many other scenarios may be hard to contemplate yet they happen more than one would think. The obvious resolution to this problem is to get your money up from instead of utilizing the honor system and obtaining it on the backend. I have utilized the honor system because most authors who have asked me to help them are honorable people. Yet I am rethinking my approach. It is no fun when a person stiffs you for nominal fees requested. My question to the audience is: Should you collect your fees up front or request payment at completion of the work? Mark Davis, MD manager of and



Pictured here is part of the cover from my book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. This book was mocked when it first came out by many in power presently. They do not mock it any more. Dead on Arrival generated many radio interviews yet Fox refused an interview unless “big bucks” were handed over to them. The book foreshadowed the disastrous outcome for a piece of health legislation that was never ready for Prime Time. Jump forward four years to view a legislative effort whose shadow is no different than the horrific law it is suppose to replace. Wherever you stand politically replacing one disaster with another is just wrong. Similar to Nancy Pelosi’s famous statement “we will find out what is in the legislation onced it is passed into law” the same will occur with the current offering. I am glad it was rejected. As a conservative I am disappointed Congress could not do better. Mark Davis MD manager of

obamacare cover

Mind Food

Mind Food
Bahai followers believe that a life which had too many shadows cast down on it will be further from the light of God. The more shadows the further the distance. It is the human soul not God which will determine where its final resting place will be. Mark Davis, MD
manager of


Books have lifespans. Some last for a few seconds in time others a literal eternity. A book review of note and some advertising may be all that is needed to move it off the digital shelf. Maybe the time has come for a professional book review. Mark Davis MD manager of



Tomorrow’s Technology Today at your Local Dental Office








Dentistry has moved out of the shadows to become one of the most advanced sciences under the health care canopy. From same day crowns and bridges to laser technologies, which are employed in multiple fashions, 21st century Dentistry has taken a quantum leap into the future. Lasers have taken much of the pain away from restorations. Presently teeth can be repaired by a focused light beam in a few minutes avoiding the much dreaded inoculations of anesthesia, which have kept many out of the dental chair. Lasers are also utilized to repairs gums, remove oral tumors and regenerate nerves.




Dental implants exemplify the future of therapeutic dentistry. Material composites are more durable, easier to install and last decades compared to their predecessors. Unheard of before same day implants are coming on board at your local dentist office. With the use of intraoral X-rays and digital cameras integration of the implant with bony structures is performed in a more precise manner. A celebrity smile now takes days instead of months.




State of the art oral sedation is commonly employed. IV sedation is utilized less now for complex procedures. Safer, more effective with many fewer side effects this form of drug therapy places the patient in a semiconscious state allowing interaction with the dentist. An extra benefit is fewer visits to your neighborhood dentist are required to obtain your picture perfect smile.




Cosmetic dentistry has made major strides. From bonding to veneers composite resins have been improved to match color and function of their surrounding environment. More durable and easier to apply patients appreciate the natural look these resins allow with fewer adjustments needed to get their smile right.




Suffering from discomfort of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) displacement and the resulting massive headaches experienced have become much easier to treat. Devices have been developed that comfortably fit in the mouth resulting in less need for surgical procedures as was the standard a mere decade ago.




Every aspect of dentistry has moved into the future. Procedures on the horizon include stem cell therapies to regenerate teeth, gums and surrounding bone. As a result one day dentures, bridges and other oral devices could potentially become obsolete. The ability to find oral cancers earlier in their growth, utilizing microscopic digital photography, is a few years away. The revolution in dental science is moving forward quickly thanks to the researches of many.  One day soon you will look up from your dental chair and find an automaton leaning over you grinning as it says “how may I help you.”




Mark Davis MD




Extraordinary findings in Stephen Martin’s newest book Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die, will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they burn through this well written book’s pages. Death, dying and the paranormal are brought into the scientific realm by an array of studies that validate the continuance of life once physical death occurs. The conscious mind has greater flexibility and resource than once thought. No longer studied on the periphery of science the author presents concrete proof that activities once called paranormal are a spectrum of events that actually have substance. Scientists have taken a second look at out of body experiences, near death occurrences and post death encounters utilizing hard science. The commonality of these events, throughout the World’s many cultures and beliefs, provides a foundation their existence is more than neurochemistry can explain. In this second and expanded edition the question what happens after death is explained with a convincing clarity leaving little doubt what happens next. This is one book which should be on your reading list for the near future. Mark Davis  


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