The Delinquent Author

A huge problem for many editors, proofreaders and book reviews is the delinquent author. After a fee schedule is agreed to, with the payment expected at the completion of the work performed, the author decides to play financial charades with you. My Paypal account is corrupted in some manner or form. Another approach is they do not return your e-mails once you indicate the work is completed hoping you will further reduce your fees. Still another format is I will pay you if the book sells. These and many other scenarios may be hard to contemplate yet they happen more than one would think. The obvious resolution to this problem is to get your money up from instead of utilizing the honor system and obtaining it on the backend. I have utilized the honor system because most authors who have asked me to help them are honorable people. Yet I am rethinking my approach. It is no fun when a person stiffs you for nominal fees requested. My question to the audience is: Should you collect your fees up front or request payment at completion of the work? Mark Davis, MD manager of and


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