BEST PROOFREADING EDITING AND BOOK REVIEWSBEST PROOFREADING EDITING AND BOOK REVIEWS Best Proofreading Editing and Book Reviews came into existence to bring professional writing and editing services to people who require a range of work to be performed. Services provided include; journal and book editing, proofreading, creative writing for businesses and or personal needs, articles for internet sites, Book Reviews and more. There is no bidding for jobs on this site. Work is performed by Mark Davis, rarely an associate. You will always know who is performing the job, how long it will take and the endpoint costs involved. All jobs are open to negotiation in terms of price and length of time to completion. WHO WILL BE PERFORMING MY WORK? Mark Davis has more than 10 years experience writing, editing, proofing and reviewing an array of writing jobs. Dr. Davis has reviewed books and articles for famous and newly minted authors. Dr. Davis has authored three books and hundreds of articles on an array of subjects. He is called upon to review and or perform editing jobs for universities, industry and people who recently authored their first work. RESUME OF MARK DAVIS Author, journalist, writing consultant, guest on a multitude of media platforms, former practicing physician, futurist and internet blogger. COSTS ALL JOBS ARE OPEN TO NEGOTIATION. CONTACT Mark Davis 410-515-7858 Mark Davis, P.O. Box 222, Abingdon Maryland 21009

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